Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr & Mrs Kasey Yardley!

Melissa Erickson (one of my young women) and my dear friend, Diane's daughter got married on Saturday, July 17th. It was so fun to be apart of all the planning and festivities. They were sealed in the San Diego Temple and then had their reception next door at the LaJolla Hyatt. It was amazing!!! Diane couldn't have done anything better -- it was just perfect!

I was asked to do the wedding DVD -- which ended up being just under 15 minutes long. It was entitled; "Now, Then and Forever" as it showed a picture of her in the past, then him, then an engagement photo. We ended the show with the music from Enchanted, the song "Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood with pictures of the temple. It was awesome!!! (Diane helped me a ton with it so I can't take all the credit!) Everyone in attendance watched it as a group as it was part of the evening's events.

The dessert cakes are pictured in an earlier post. They were amazing and delicious. Diane was prepared with to-go boxes so all the guests got to take a slice or two home as well.

We sent the happy couple off with a sparkler send-off which was so fun. Just wish the bride and groom didn't run through so fast --- I sure hope their photographer got some great shots. Can't wait to see!!

Congratulations Melissa & Kasey! Love you both!!!

Temple Photos: Melissa & Kasey

Wedding Photos!

Wedding Reception - Hyatt LaJolla

Wedding Desserts from Extraordinary Desserts!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Melissa's Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

I helped give Melissa's shower with Becky Smith. It was a lemon theme and we played a cute "left-right" game that I wrote and everyone received "lemon" type of gifts to take home. It was a beautiful shower!

This is the invitation we did. It turned out so cute . . . (of course I needed help from my niece Amy as I'm not that good yet in Photoshop!) I love getting them printed out at Costco/Sams!

She got so many nice things --- so fun to help these young girls set up their new homes!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally -- Yogurt!

On Saturday, April 3rd we had an employee training with our Taylor Machine rep. We were crazy busy working on last minute details of getting the shop to open up.

Our rep helped us start up the machines and Madison got to do the honors of pouring in the very first container of yogurt -- exciting!! Then just 8 minutes later, she got to dispense our first cup of delicious "Funilla Vanilla" and take the first bite too!

Now if we could just get our Health inspection passed, we can start selling it!

My nephew David and his new wife Jen, and their ten kids were on their way to San Diego for Spring Break. They were able to stop by and sample our first batch of yogurt. We had some fresh fruit for them to put on top and everyone loved it! (They stopped back by on their way out of town on Friday after a week of playing in sunny So. CA ....although they did get rain! Better than snow . . . right?)

My sister's family, the Keller's live in Corona and stopped by many times to help us out. We put Terry's electrical skills to great use as we forgot just a few things. (THANKS TERRY!!)

Our goal was to open on April 1st -- but the joke was obviously on us as the Heath Inspector had other plans. We did open however on Monday, April 5th after Eric dealt with her 14 picky things to fix!

Here are some pictures of the finished product. All our Utah and Nevada friends need to stop by on their way to Disneyland . . . you seriously drive right passed us. (Be sure to let us know if you're in our neck of the woods!)

14 Flavors (including No Sugar Added, Sorbet, Non-Dairy)
50 delicious toppings (including fresh fruit)
Endless possibilities to satisfy every taste bud.

Our New adVENTURE!! - FroYoLand
540 Hidden Valley Pkwy. #130
Corona, CA 92879

Look for us on Facebook: Froyoland Corona

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FroYoLand is Born in Corona!

Eric handled all the construction and dealt with all the issues that normally arise. The Health Dept. and the Building Dept. were difficult to work with which is common from what we hear -- but Corona is known for being espeically difficult. After weeks of resistence and issues, Eric went and joined the Corona Chamber of Commerce. After hearing our story, many city officials offerred to step in and help. Two days later, we had our permits!
We brought the kids into see the store on Madison's birthday. They were so excited to see everything and can't wait to work here. (We'll see how long that lasts!!)

Eventhough our tile installers did the same wall at the Murrieta Store, they weren't careful of the grid pattern that can easily develop. They had to come back, tear out chuncks of rock and reset pieces to make it look better.Posted by Picasa


In July 0f last year, Eric was layed off from Dal-Tile after being an outside sales rep for 15 years. With the struggling economy we can't say we didn't expect it -- but it is still hard to have it happen to you. After months of fasting and praying we decided to open a Self Serve Yogurt store in Corona. (There are too many were we live so we searched for the best location and found it at the 15 freeway and Hidden Valley Parkway - just one exit north/east of the 91). We signed our lease agreement in January.

We partnered with some friends of Eric's who opened a FroYoLand in Murrieta last June. They were a great help and are excited to see their dream expand to FroYoLand2 - or Froyland - Corona.

We hung up our COMING SOON banner to let everyone know we were coming -- and to let future competitors know as well!

Before us, the building was a Curves so we had some wild graphics to look at on the walls during our construction. Eric handled everything and took all the issues in stride as he worked and worked.

It was fun to occasionally go in and see the progress. He took pictures constantly and brought them home for the family to see which we forwarded to Megan in Arizona.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Gathering

While Megan was home for her Spring Break we got a visit from the Crooks who were on their way from home from spending time at Disneyland. Ruth Ann & Dennis were down two weeks earlier so Mom got to see a lot of her kids during her birthday month! (Sorry, I don't have any pictures of them!) Happy 86th Birthday Mom!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Colonial Day!!!

Cole Canyon celebrates Colonial Day every year. It's a big deal for all the 5th graders. The kids all dress up in period clothing and spend the day doing activites like candle dipping, quilting, dancing, (remember the Virginia Wheel??), soap making, etiquette, and many more activities. My sweet friend Amy, made Madison her dress -- she LOVED IT!!

Upper left photo -- Madison's friends: Annie, Carlie and Bailey!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Megan's College Room

Megan was able to find a place to live and moved out from our cousin's (The Daley's) for her second semester of college at EA. She is in a house with four other girls. Three are upstairs and two are down. This is Megan's basement room - She has concrete walls so it makes it challenging to decorate. I think she did a great job! She is close to campus and now walks everywhere ... weather permitting. She is taking her CNA course this semester which keeps her very busy. I think she is taking like 19 units -- crazy!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dave & Jen Plus 10

My nephew David got married on January 8th, 2010. This is their second marriage and they both have 5 kids, so they are now known as "Dave & Jen + 10!" At the very last minute, Mom, Della, Megan and I dashed up to Utah for the wedding since the weather was clean. We left on Thursday and came home on Sunday after spending Saturday in Las Vegas with the Leishman's. Megan didn't go back to college from her winter break until the 12th so this gave us a fun trip up to see family.

Congratulations David and Jen!

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