Friday, January 9, 2009

Girl Trip to Thatcher, AZ 1-6 thru 1-9-2009

While the kids were on winter break, we decided at the last minute to go do a road trip to Thatcher to check out the college. So, I took the girls and we drove 9 hours to the southeastern part of the state of Arizona. We stayed with Eric's cousins Babette & Roger Daley. They have a converted apartment that their teenage daughters stay in behind their house and they let us stay there and sleep in their beds. (Isn't it decorated cute??) Thanks girls for letting us be so comfy in your beds! Madison called it our Hotel! Babette spoiled us rotten -- she's an amazing cook and we loved hanging out while checking out the campus and community.

Eastern Arizona! The clock tower was recently dedicated to President Eyring's father who was a renouned scientist and graduated from EA. My mom recently told me that we have ancestors who settled in Pima -- which is just a few miles away. It is also the area that President Monson announced in conference would be getting a new temple - Gila (pronounced Hela) Valley.
So exciting!!
Congratulations Dani & Bryce - he proposed to Dani while we were here so we got to see the ring. It was fun to getting to know the both of them better! "Shoooooooooooot" is one of Bryce's favorite expressions we got a kick out of hearing him say.
Here we are with the happy couple. We hope to be back for the wedding --
for sure at the Mesa Temple.
Rocki and Madison had a great time together. Eventhough everyone had to go to school we looked forward to when they got home. They spend hours in Rocki's room .
Megan and 12 year old Chad spent a lot of time wrestling. Chad had some major moves that got the best of Megan. He was able to pick her up and flip her onto the giant lovesac.
Watch out though . . . he pinches!
Here is Bri and Megan. They possibly could be roommates out in apartment next year IF it all works out. They live so close to campus it would be wonderful.
We had a productive visit as we met with the Dean of Students, toured the campus, Megan took some placement tests, met with the Director of the Institute program, applied and checked into some off-campus housing (as a back-up plan).
She could be going to EA! It's a lot warmer than Idaho!
Thanks Daley's for taking such great care of us! We Love You Guys!!!