Friday, December 28, 2007

Video Clip of Eric's Jump

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What do you do on your 45th Birthday??????

You go SKY DIVING (if you're Eric!!)
Gearing Up . . .
Practicing the rock in the demo plane
Last chance to not do it . . . not for this guy!
All ready!
on three . . . GO GO GO !!!

13,000 Feet - - - Free Falling!!!

I feel much better about this now that I know he has professionals at his side.
What a cool shot!
Do you even recognize this guy?
Getting ready to pull the shoot.
I did it!! And now I want to do it again!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day with Us!

Santa brought one big gift this year . . .
Brandon excited to open his gifts.
Megan is curious to know what's inside.
Madison can't wait!
Jason must have been good this year!

Megan got a new 8 gig Nano Ipod and Jason think he should get her old Mini.
Jason can't wait to rock on the Wii.

Big hug for sister!
Eventhough we tried to not make a huge mess . . .we did!
Grandma Moore came over for awhile -- she can't wait to try out her heated slippers.
Madison is just a little excited.
Brandon got his #1 items on his wish list.

Schauers kids with Grandma Moore.
Jason loved shooting his Nerf gun more than opening more gifts.
Madison got a new outfit for her build-a-bear Monkey.
Jason and his Build-a-Bear turtle have matching board outfits.
Touchdown! Mom scored with this gift!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas PJs

Eric was excited to know he too got Charger PJs!
Watching the game in style!
Megan and Madison promise Santa they have been good!
The boys are all that!
Ready for bed -- ready for Santa!

Christmas Eve with the Connors

Hanging out with the Connor's - Brandon hits the tramp -- yes, he's huge!
Donna & Marleen
Courtney and Madison take the "guess who christmas game" a little far!
Brian excited for the Charger game later on.
Brandon and Tigger

Madison & Courtnery exchange "Dollar Store" gifts.
Darby and Brandon show off their exchanges.
Cookies for Santa . . .
Emily and Megan

Sunday, December 23, 2007

CA Moore Family Christmas Dinner

There was boxing . . .
and wrestling . . . .
and game playing (House of Fire!)
and no one was allowed to leave without their picture taken. Look at those handsome boys!
Eric and Aunt Elfriede
The Keller's
Della & Richard (responsible for those cute boys mentioned earlier)
The Grosdidier's and Shelby's friend McKenzie.

It was a really nice evening. We all enjoyed being together as a family and the good was good too! (72+ homemade rolls devoured in 20 minutes!)