Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Summer without a Day At the Beach?

The Connor's, Laker's and Schauers headed to one of our favorite beaches, Oceanside for a fun day! We stopped and got $5 footlongs at Subway and we had a great day in the sun!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 8 - Family Photos & Heading for Home

Wow! What a week!! It took a lot to blog it all but felt it important since we did so many things, had an amazing time and were able to see family and extended family on both sides of the family tree.

We were debating on whether we should head for home on Sunday or MOnday concenred with Vegas traffic and all. Eric felt like we needed to get back so we thought it we left Springville at 1pm that we would hopefully miss the bulk of the traffic between Vegas and Barstow and get home around 10pm. Well, close, we got home at 11pm. We did hit traffic in spots --- and was grateful it didn't last too long. We figure an hour total in delays.

We were exhausted -- especially Eric as he drove! We sure enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the hospitality we received from our Springville families. My sister Diane lives 200 steps from Ruth Ann so it was so fun to see her and her family as well.

Eric nicknamed these two cuties Jam & Jelly. Brenna on the left is Jelly and Abby is Jam!

Madison sure enjoyed playing with the girls and hanging out at the Crook's house. Here's my neice Debra along with the girls. (Thanks again for the Chex Mix Deb!!!)

Here's me and two of my 6 sisters --- Diane and Ruth Ann.

The Leishman's have been on the go and have lots of changes in store for them. They are leaving Tuesday for a much needed two week vacation in Hawaii. We look forward to them living in Las Vegas soon!

Here's my nephew David with Jen.
Well, that's about it for our Utah Blog. Here we are all ready to head back for Murrieta. Thanks for letting us stay with you Harrison's. We love you guys as we do all our Utah family!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 7 - Temple Sealing, Oquirrh Temple Open House & Carlie & Seth's Reception

We attended Carlie & Seth's 1pm sealing at the Jordan River temple and then went to lunch with the Justice Family at Cafe Rio. (loved it!!) Megan was with us and my neice Wendy brought up Brandon, Jason and Madison on her way to SLC. This was great -- thanks Wendy!!
As a family we attended the Oquirrh Temple Open House which was a-mazing! South Jordan is the only city in the world that has TWO LDS Temples. So cool -- and Joni and Kenneth live right between the two of them. It was very easy to hit the Open House at 5:40 before attending their 7:30 reception. Great planning!! (patting myself on the back here!!)

The Guest Book Table.

Eric and the father of the bride - Kenneth! These cousins need to spend more time together.

Seth & Carlie Rasmussen!

Table centerpieces - each table had different pictures of the happy couple!

Kenneth making one last threat and Seth determined to stand up for marrying his bride!

Kenneth, Carlie, Seth and Joni.

Amazing cake! Looks like 6 layers? (We left before they cut it -- darn it!!)

Notice the candles stand designs are replicated in the cake design!

The cake table.

More photos and decorations.

BYU catering for the food -- yum!

The tented room -- gorgeous!

Uncle Jim & Megan. (He likes to call her "Muggin")

Mike & Joelle - they are due in October . . . it's a boy!

Newlyweds James & Ashley Justice- sealed on June 12th!

Diane & Larry Justice (Eric's cousin). We had such a great time hanging out and visiting with the Justice's. We missed the rest of Uncle Jim's kids as we love them too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 6 - Jordan River Temple Endowment & Wedding Dinner at the Joseph Smith Building

Today, Eric and I had to be out the door by 7:30 am to make it up to the Jordan River Temple for a 9:20 session. We were concerned with traffic and being a Friday and thanks to a lot of 10/80 schedules it wasn't bad. We made it in plenty of time and enjoyed being in the endowment session for Carlie (Eric's cousin Kenneth's daughter) endowment. Eric and I were asked to be the witness couple.

After the session, Eric ended up going over to spend some time with Kenneth and I drove back to Springville as Megan had a hair appointment. Eric was later dropped off and together we drove up to SLC for the wedding dinner at the Joseph Smith Building. We arrived at 6pm only to find NO parking at the JSB and turns out there was a huge performance in the conference center by the Choir so temple square was a mad house. No parking at the conference center because of this event which forced us to be about 4 blocks west of the JSB. We had to walk forever -- as Utah blocks are huge and it was over 100 outside. By the time we got there it was 6:45ish and there were a few others who had the same issues. We were not happy campers but we did start to feel better in the air conditioned room, with food in our stomachs and then got to visit with family members. Yeah!!!

We left about the same time the concert got out so we got to fight more traffic. We originally thought we'd come up to Temple Square on Sunday to see the Spoken Word performance in the Conference Center. But after seeing all the construction on temple square and all the parking issues, we opted not for this trip.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 5 - Golf, BYU Football Tour, Bridal Viel Falls, Cabella's & Dinner with the Maughan's

At golf, (yes, this is his fourth round for the week), Eric met a young man named Cort who is from Temecula. Turns out he works for BYU Football in their logistics department while attending BYU. He played the back 9 with them and took a liking to Jason. He invited us to take a tour of the BYU Football Athletics Facility - a rare opporunity. We saw all kinds of BYU football memorbilia, coaches offices, team rooms, work out facility, taping areas, locker room, etc. Jason and Eric were in heaven -- and the girls seemed to enjoy it too!
Below is a special granite rock that certain team members get to chisel on whenever they do something great on or off the field that Coach Mendenhall set up. Pretty cool!

Eric and Jason standing close to the Charger Helmet - these helmets have plaques below them that show where the BYU players have moved onto in the pro ball level.

BRIDAL VIEL FALLS - After the tour, we headed up Provo Canyon to see Bridal Veil Falls which normally aren't this big this time of year. It was over 100 degrees but we enjoyed walking up to see the falls along the Provo River. After today --- Eric is thinking more and more what a great place Utah is to live (play). He wished he brought his kayak.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 4 - Wednesday - More Golf, Hank's Visit &Blog Makeover

Eric and Jason went golfing at Hobble Creek this morning. My neice, Amy came out to visit with her two boys, Seth and Spencer. Madison is holding happy Spencer below. My neice Janna came out today as well and spent some time trying to teach my how to use Photoshop Essentials -- an unopened Christmas gift of mine at home. She gave my blog a makeover -- I love it! Gotta love the name my sister Diane came up with -- Schauers' Forecast! Get it???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 3 - Tuesday - Harrison's Hideaway

Eric got up early and played golf at Thanksgiving Point with his cousins Mike Maughan. He got home around noon and we then loaded up and headed out to their property which is 45 minutes away. The kids got to ride ATVs and had a ball. I got to relax, visit and read which was wonderful. Talmage got to come along to Grandma & Grandpa's property and loved it. We roasted hot dogs for dinner and had yummy smores. It has been really hot and today was supposed to be the coolest day of the week and it was wonderful! The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed the Harrison's Hideaway!

Jason and Talmage loved being able to keep the fire going --- what 11 year old boy doesn't? Jason was in heaven!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah Trip Day 2 - EFY & Seven Peaks

Eric got up early and played golf at Hobble Creek which is just up the canyon from the Harrison's house. I got to take Brandon and Caden to EFY which by the way -- is about a two hour process. Caden discovered he had forgotten to pack shirts, so we quickly washed the only one he brought, new he would be getting an EFY shirt to wear and ran to Kohls to grab him another. His Dad would be coming up on Wednesday for business and would bring him more. Thankfully, Ruth Ann came along as she was needing to drop off a girl who had stayed the night with them at Diving Camp which turned out to be at the same area for check in.

EFY check in didn't start until 11am and we arrived early at 10:30am to be in line just in time to still be under a shade awning. We were grateful! They were taking everyone's temperatures to make sure everyone was healthy as they didn't want to have swine flu issues. Once 11AM came around, we were all processed and headed to drop off Emily at her dorm in Heleman Halls. Brandon and Caden were up at Heritage Halls. We were feeling sorry for the kids who flew in or were just dropped off as they were hauling their luggage 4-6 blocks depending on their housing assignments. Once at heritage, we had to find where they were issuing keys and left the boys to get settled.

On the way home we stopped and bought discount tickets for Seven Peaks Water park and Eric took the kids for the afternoon. Dennis took along Jodi's kids as they were staying with them and the kids had a blast! Ruth Ann and I relaxed and visiting for the afternoon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Utah Trip - Day 1 - Road Trip

Sunday - July 12th we left at 7AM and headed up to Springville, Utah. We took along Caden Morgan, Brandon's friend, who are both attending EFY together this week. We stopped at Cove Fort to stretch our legs and to learn a little Church History. It was so beautiful! We loved our little tour. We ended up arriving at the Harrison's around 6pm where Ruth Ann had a yummy dinner waiting for us.