Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lake Tahoe - July 19-25th, 2008!

Such a fun trip to Lake Tahoe! We stayed with the Connors' in their private timeshare right on the Keys in South Lake Tahoe. We hiked, went on bike rides, paddleboated, fished off the dock, rented a boat for half day, took lots of pictures and had a blast! There are even some underwater shots! (Click on the picture to enlarge for better viewing.) Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 11, 2008

EFY x 2 = $$$ but Lotsa Growth!

EFY Week: June 30th - July 5th
Brandon went to Santa Barbara and Megan went to Provo.

Brandon went to SBSU campus last year for a school
Leadership camp and was excited to get to go back
as the campus is right next to the beach. Brandon LOVED
everything about EFY and we even
heard him bare his testimony the Sunday after which
was a real treat! He can't wait for next year!


Megan loved her third year at Provo and it's hard to believe that next year she will be off to college. She enjoyed getting to know some new friends in her group. Her cousin Debra arranged for Megan to get a discounted flight home so she was able to stay in Provo 4 more days. She loved hanging out with her cousins. She flew home all by herself --
gee, I guess my little girl is growing up!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July - Stadium of Fire

We got to attend the Leishman's 4th of July BBQ although I literally was there for 20 minutes and then it was time to head to the stadium. Diane took Deb & I and dropped off my car in a good area to boogie out afterwards as to not be in horrible traffic. Then she dropped us off near the stadium and we met the Connors' who had gotten there early and reserved us seat backs as we were in the bleachers. (Thanks Marleen!) Wendy and Sandie dropped off an hour later Madison, Jason, Abby, Brenna, Janna & Jason. It worked out great to not have the kids there so long before. Sandie then went and checked Megan out of EFY (early) which saved us coming back and getting her at 6:30 a.m. Megan then got to enjoy being with the family at the Leishman's. Thanks to all the drivers who made it all work out!

This photo is taken from our seats looking toward where Debra's seats were. She is standing near the edge of the end zone with her orange seat backs. I nearly drained my cell battery as we kept calling back and forth coordinating getting our kids in the stadium.
Debra, can you see me now?? It didn't take long for the stadium to fill up -- a sold out crowd not to mention the thousands of people hanging out around the stadium. Our friends, Brian & Marleen Connors. They went to the Freedom Fair earlier in the day and I told Marleen about the neck coolers -- so we both now have them -- best $3 spent ever! Their two girls Darby & Courtney joined us as well. Jason hanging out with Darby.
The 6 parachuters and Fighter Jets added great dramatics to the show. Hey -- what's up with this? Since we were in the end-zone that automatically makes us part of the patriotic presentation. We kept saying . . . "I bet this looks cool . . . too bad we are missing it." Can you say claustrophobic??
Loved the field show more than anything else! We are so proud to be Americans!! and blessed. (Note the Red, White & Blue tarps are now being passed below us). Having so many performers on the field made it hard to fight back the tears. Awesome!!
Madison & Courtney show off their light displays.
They had special glasses that made everything look like a prism. Something fun to do while Miley sang her newest "unknown" songs.

We avoided the crowds by leaving when the fireworks started. I know we would have enjoyed them more from our seats but driving away in our car as they ended felt really good! We did stop to catch a few Kodak Moments as we passed the thousands of on-lookers outside the stadium. We now know what a Stadium of Fire experience is all about!! Too Fun!

Being A "Moore Girl" . . .

When you come from a large family it is easy to get a reputation. The Moore girl reputation was one to be proud of as our parents taught us many things and among them was to be hard working, dependable, and service oriented. My older sisters helped pave the way as they exercise these characteristics and so many more. Being the youngest I feel it has been easy for me to be blended into both generations of our family. Ruth Ann, Diane and Della have been so great to come to my aid whenever needed and stepped into "Mother" roles. They have given my children their first baths since Mom was needed taking care of Dad. I've watched my neices play with and care for my children when they were teenagers, and now they are all amazing young women and mothers. Although we all now have different last names I still take pride in knowing I'm a "Moore Girl" and that is something that will forever pull us all together. I wish this picture had all of us Moore Girls but we know how difficult it is to get us all in the same place. We hope knowing that you were missed helps if just a little.

Thanks Mom and Dad for having 8 great kids -- I love my family!

EFY Utah Trip - June 29th - July 5th

Megan is attending EFY at Provo this week. (Brandon is attending in Santa Barbara!) I brought up Granmda Moore (my Mom) and my sister Della as well as Jason and Madison. We are staying at the Harrison's and enjoying being with all the family that lives up here. Harrison's hosted a family gathering Sunday Night just so they could see Megan before she left for EFY.
Megan reconnecting with her cousins' children; Abby, Claire, and Brenna!
On Tuesday, we went to Veteran's Pool and met Amy, Seth, Janna, Claire, Jodi, Talmage, McKay, Debra, Abby & Brenna. The kids loved cooling off in hot summer temps. (Note the white tubes in background -- Jason and Talmage loved the water slides!)
Jason got to hang out with the Leishmans and wants to move into their neighborhood!
Amy & Seth -- one of the few moments Amy got to rest from chasing him around the waterpark.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Temple Visits

Ruth Ann, Mom, Della, Debra, Diane and I got to do a session at the Provo Temple Wednesday Night. What a treat to be in the House of the Lord with family!
Ruth Ann & Della at the Provo Temple.
We went to Lehi to see Amy and she and Seth joined us for a drive to see the new Draper Temple and then we went for a yummy lunch!
They are hoping this temple with it's amazing views will attract more brides and help elleviate Salt Lake Temple.
This tiny, conservative, home sits above the Draper Temple. Gee, I hope they can afford a housekeeper!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Celebrations

We went to a Colonial Display and the kids got to see how printing presses work.
This is an exact replica in size and weight of the brass plates. Joseph Smith was an amazingly strong man to be able to carry let alone run with these plates.
Gee, this gives a whole different meaning to "Time Out!"
This basket weaver shares her art. The brown basket on the table took over 14 hours to make. She said she has taught the basketweaving merit badge to scouts -- she's a saint!