Friday, July 11, 2008

EFY x 2 = $$$ but Lotsa Growth!

EFY Week: June 30th - July 5th
Brandon went to Santa Barbara and Megan went to Provo.

Brandon went to SBSU campus last year for a school
Leadership camp and was excited to get to go back
as the campus is right next to the beach. Brandon LOVED
everything about EFY and we even
heard him bare his testimony the Sunday after which
was a real treat! He can't wait for next year!


Megan loved her third year at Provo and it's hard to believe that next year she will be off to college. She enjoyed getting to know some new friends in her group. Her cousin Debra arranged for Megan to get a discounted flight home so she was able to stay in Provo 4 more days. She loved hanging out with her cousins. She flew home all by herself --
gee, I guess my little girl is growing up!


debra said...

Money well spent! I can't imagine someone not having a great experience at EFY, but it's worth it when you KNOW they've grown from it! Your kids are awesome!

We LOVED that Megan got to stay- my girls are still telling me they wish she coudn've stayed longer. I hope she didn't tell you all the bad things we taught her- OOPS! I think we all vote that Megan puts a Provo school on her college list options... we'd love that!

Dave & Amy said...

You just gotta love EFY! I'm so glad they both had a great time!

We loved being able to see Megan after her week at EFY. She is so much fun! Yes... we do want her to go to school here... should we start a petition?

Wendy said...

How cool that they were able to go to EFY at the same time, just different places! I'm glad they both had awesome experiences!

Rebekah Boaz said...

haha that's way cool! I cant wait to go to EFY! Megan looked cute in those pics!

The Leishmans... said...

I can't believe your kids are so grown up. I'm super glad you've been doing the EFY route so when my kids are old enough, you'll have the scoop for me.

Is Megan coming to school here?

Ruth Ann said...

EFY's are money in the bank ... of your kids lives ... well worth all that it takes!!! (Ask our kids!!)

Orem Harrisons said...

Lookk at Brandon surrounded by all those girls,wasn't he the little guy toddling around our reception? I'm sure he would be horrified by that picture right about now, what a great kid! EFY is awesome, Donna & Eric you guys have such cool kids making great choices with what to do with their summer!