Friday, September 21, 2007

A Wicked Day for Megan!

Thursday, Sept. 20th was minimum days for Megan & Emily so we took them to see Wicked in Hollywood. It was an amazing clear day for LA.

So fun! Such a good production!! Now we want to come again and bring the rest of the family. (Yes, that would make three times for me!) Maybe Santa will be bring them in our stockings!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Grandma Minnie's House???

Yes, this is Grandma Minnie's old house. It hasn't sold yet and with the market being slow Eric thought it would be a good idea to rent it cheap to Grandma's good friend Lisa who needs an afforadable roof over her head. So Lisa got it painted and Eric arranged to get linolium and carpet. WOW! What a difference!
I should try to find a "before" picture -- unless you've seen it you wouldn't believe it.

Madison and Jason checking out Grandma's old bedroom.

Megan's 17!! - September 6th

Happy Birthday to Megan! Here she is with Jason & Madison and all her presents waiting to be opened!

It's a "non-party year" so Mom went a little crazy on gifts. She over-bought on clothes thinking Megan being a typical teenager wouldn't like them or they wouldn't fit . . . . WRONG! (Remember she is NOT the typical teenager!!) Mom scored!! Now Megan gets to decide what she likes the least so there can be some returns. (This pile doesn't show the 4 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses, 6 shirts and two pairs of shoes.)And . . . . she gets to go see Wicked on the 20th!!!! What a great birthday!!

Megan got to pick where she wanted to eat for dinner. The Never-Ending pasta bowl special filled my growing boys!!
Mmmmm . . . .Strawberry whipped cream shortcake! This cake almost slid onto the floor after this picture weas taken. Nice catch Megan!!