Sunday, September 9, 2007

Megan's 17!! - September 6th

Happy Birthday to Megan! Here she is with Jason & Madison and all her presents waiting to be opened!

It's a "non-party year" so Mom went a little crazy on gifts. She over-bought on clothes thinking Megan being a typical teenager wouldn't like them or they wouldn't fit . . . . WRONG! (Remember she is NOT the typical teenager!!) Mom scored!! Now Megan gets to decide what she likes the least so there can be some returns. (This pile doesn't show the 4 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses, 6 shirts and two pairs of shoes.)And . . . . she gets to go see Wicked on the 20th!!!! What a great birthday!!

Megan got to pick where she wanted to eat for dinner. The Never-Ending pasta bowl special filled my growing boys!!
Mmmmm . . . .Strawberry whipped cream shortcake! This cake almost slid onto the floor after this picture weas taken. Nice catch Megan!!


Dave & Amy said...


It looks like someone scored great gifts! Glad you had a fun day. Enjoy Wicked! :)

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Megan! It looks like it was a fun day! Enjoy Wicked! I am jealous, I hear it is AWESOME!!!!

The Leishmans.... said...

Happy Birthday Megan!! I can't believe you're 17. You scored on the tickets to see Wicked - I loved it!
"She's dead... the wicked witch is dead..."
I want to see it again.

debra said...

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY MEGAN! Looks like you had a great day! I seriously can't believer you're 17 though--- holy cow! You're such a darling girl and I loved hanging out with you when you guys were up here--- miss you!


P.S. Sorry I'm slow at the birthday wishes

Sandie said...

Can I go to Wicked with you? I'm DYING to see it!
I've been slow on the daily blog reviewing... sorry have to work sometimes... :-)

Mike Leishman said...

Wow, just seems like 23 years ago that I was 17.

Hap hap happy birthday!

JMDFamily said...

So I'm the really slow one on wishing Megan a Happy Birthday! I want to see Wicked really bad... We'll be in California on the 23rd just missed it. Have fun!

Canyon Glen Harrison's said...

Happy Belated Megan, WOW 17!