Monday, December 28, 2009

47 Reason's Why We Love Our Dad!

From his wife:

1. He's my best friends and makes me laugh.

2. He has great biceps!

3. He has awesome pecs!

4. He loves me even when I'm PMSy.

5. He really has a tender heart under that tough skin.

6. Is a total stud -- and he's forty-freakin'-seven!

7. Not afraid to take risks.

8. Is Temple worthy and has a strong testimony of the gospel.

9. Plays flag football even though he's the oldest guy on the league.

10. Always positive!

11. Loves the Lord.

From Megan: (age 19)

12. Because I'm his "baby girl."

13. He cries whenever I go to college.

14. "I love you because YOUR annoying!"

15. Because your a blondee -- and you're on MY team!

16. You are a good example and regularly attend the temple.

17. You diligently serve the Lord in all your callings.

18. Takes us to do Baptisms For The Dead.

19. Picks out cute clothes for me!

20. Strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

From Brandon: (age 15)

21. Takes me to seminary every day!

22. Attend Priesthood sessions together.

23. Let's me be the unofficial assistant assistant flag football coach.

24. Lets us beat up on him when we wrestle.

25. Taught me to LOVE white water rafting!

26. Teaches me how to work.

27. Let's me know it's best if Mom teaches me to drive.

28. He admits that I have un-humanly strength (without working out!)

29. Has pushed and pulled me through Scouting.

From Jason: (age 12)

30. Taught me to be a blonde-headed, bird-shooting, gun-loving red-neck.

31. Takes me to the gym and helped develop my guns.

32. Supports me in football and coaches my flag team.

33. Gave me my EGO.

34. Plays racquetball with me (even though I can be a pain sometimes).

35. Let's me win when we wrestle.

36. Let's me drink out of his soda cup.

37. Showed me what a good, proper wedgy is (we're talking first hand knowledge here!)


From Madison: (age 10)

39. Because he calls me "Daddy's Little Princess!"

40. Drives me to places.

41. He's funny.

42. Plays Rummikub and "Golf" with me.

43. Gives THE BEST hugs!

44. Provides for our family.

45. Always makes me feel special.

46. FINALLY convinced Mom to let us have a dog (TEX).

47. He protects me!

Happy Birthday !!!

We Love You!!


Your family

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009!

With Megan away at college, it's been fun having all our kids under one roof! Christmas day was full of surprises!

The kids show off their Santa Gifts!

After all the presents were opened, the Smith's brought over a Christmas suprise! Tex! A 5 month old Beagle for our family to have.
He came with a year's supply of food, dog training, toys, kennel and a bed!

In the afternoon the family came out and we enjoyed being together.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day with The Connors

It's a tradition to spend Christmas Eve with our great friends, The Connors. Our kids have grown up together and we've been friends for 18+ years. Once again the kids shopped for each other at the Dollar Store and love the tradition of decorating Christmas cookies and of course, the famous Christmas PJs.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving in Thatcher!

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Megan only had four days off for Thanksgiving so we decided to come to Thatcher to see her. The Daley's had a lot going on but still opened their doors to us. We had a blast being together as a family and hanging out. After Thanksgiving meal we went out to their property and shot claw pigeons and rode ATVs. Their son Derek has his mission farewell while we were there which was an added bonus.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Madison participated in Cole Canyon's Got Talent through her VAPA Club. They danced to THRILLER at four different performances. It was a lot of fun and Mom came and helped out ratting hair --- Madison loved it. (Can't you hear the song playing in your head?)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mesa High School Elections!

Brandon switched High Schools from Murrieta Valley to Murrieta Mesa -- a brand new campus that was open to Freshman and Sophomores. He wanted to run for USB President (United Student Body) so we went all out for the Nominating Convention. This was all a new experience for our family and Brandon did a great job with his speech and his campaign. He teamed up with Connor Jaegar, a freshman who is also LDS and they both won! Below are some pictures from his politcal campaign. (Boy is Mom glad this is over!)

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Madison got to be a Renassance Princess for Trick or Treat thanks to my dear friend Amy Rutledge who offered to make her a costume! Wow! How do I rate having such a friend?? Madison got to wear it to her friend Bailey's annual Halloween Party, Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treating! Jason was a Fat Ref for the party and decided to me more comfortable in his football unifrom for Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treating!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jason's Birthday was a Shoot-out!

For Jason's 12th Birthday he had a gun party. Dave Bowler agreed to take the boys out to his shooting range and teach the boys about gun safety and let them shoot about 8 different types of guns. Wow! Did these boys have a blast! The perfect party for Jason . . . although now he is all about guns, wants one for Christmas and wants to go on the deer hunt next year! Dad couldn't be happier!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


We took our first born to college! She decided to attend Eastern Arizona in Thatcher Arizona. Eric's cousin Babette & Roger Daley live there and Megan was able to stay with their family her first semester until she met some friends to room with. We took two cars out so Megan would have wheels. (We were a little nervous about her car making the trip as it is 15 years old --- it did great!) While there we went to Lake Roosevelt near Globe and boated and skied. We also went to the cemetery to decorate the grave site of Madison & Mckenzie Rhoton - Babette and Roger's first grandbabies who passed away shortly after birth a year ago. Thatcher is also getting a new temple which will be opened in the Spring of 2010. It was fun to see the progress just in the few short days we were here. It was hard leaving Megan ---- but what a blessing to have family in Thatcher! We love the Daley's!!! Our baby's growing up!!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School!

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Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Summer without a Day At the Beach?

The Connor's, Laker's and Schauers headed to one of our favorite beaches, Oceanside for a fun day! We stopped and got $5 footlongs at Subway and we had a great day in the sun!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 8 - Family Photos & Heading for Home

Wow! What a week!! It took a lot to blog it all but felt it important since we did so many things, had an amazing time and were able to see family and extended family on both sides of the family tree.

We were debating on whether we should head for home on Sunday or MOnday concenred with Vegas traffic and all. Eric felt like we needed to get back so we thought it we left Springville at 1pm that we would hopefully miss the bulk of the traffic between Vegas and Barstow and get home around 10pm. Well, close, we got home at 11pm. We did hit traffic in spots --- and was grateful it didn't last too long. We figure an hour total in delays.

We were exhausted -- especially Eric as he drove! We sure enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the hospitality we received from our Springville families. My sister Diane lives 200 steps from Ruth Ann so it was so fun to see her and her family as well.

Eric nicknamed these two cuties Jam & Jelly. Brenna on the left is Jelly and Abby is Jam!

Madison sure enjoyed playing with the girls and hanging out at the Crook's house. Here's my neice Debra along with the girls. (Thanks again for the Chex Mix Deb!!!)

Here's me and two of my 6 sisters --- Diane and Ruth Ann.

The Leishman's have been on the go and have lots of changes in store for them. They are leaving Tuesday for a much needed two week vacation in Hawaii. We look forward to them living in Las Vegas soon!

Here's my nephew David with Jen.
Well, that's about it for our Utah Blog. Here we are all ready to head back for Murrieta. Thanks for letting us stay with you Harrison's. We love you guys as we do all our Utah family!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 7 - Temple Sealing, Oquirrh Temple Open House & Carlie & Seth's Reception

We attended Carlie & Seth's 1pm sealing at the Jordan River temple and then went to lunch with the Justice Family at Cafe Rio. (loved it!!) Megan was with us and my neice Wendy brought up Brandon, Jason and Madison on her way to SLC. This was great -- thanks Wendy!!
As a family we attended the Oquirrh Temple Open House which was a-mazing! South Jordan is the only city in the world that has TWO LDS Temples. So cool -- and Joni and Kenneth live right between the two of them. It was very easy to hit the Open House at 5:40 before attending their 7:30 reception. Great planning!! (patting myself on the back here!!)

The Guest Book Table.

Eric and the father of the bride - Kenneth! These cousins need to spend more time together.

Seth & Carlie Rasmussen!

Table centerpieces - each table had different pictures of the happy couple!

Kenneth making one last threat and Seth determined to stand up for marrying his bride!

Kenneth, Carlie, Seth and Joni.

Amazing cake! Looks like 6 layers? (We left before they cut it -- darn it!!)

Notice the candles stand designs are replicated in the cake design!

The cake table.

More photos and decorations.

BYU catering for the food -- yum!

The tented room -- gorgeous!

Uncle Jim & Megan. (He likes to call her "Muggin")

Mike & Joelle - they are due in October . . . it's a boy!

Newlyweds James & Ashley Justice- sealed on June 12th!

Diane & Larry Justice (Eric's cousin). We had such a great time hanging out and visiting with the Justice's. We missed the rest of Uncle Jim's kids as we love them too.