Monday, December 28, 2009

47 Reason's Why We Love Our Dad!

From his wife:

1. He's my best friends and makes me laugh.

2. He has great biceps!

3. He has awesome pecs!

4. He loves me even when I'm PMSy.

5. He really has a tender heart under that tough skin.

6. Is a total stud -- and he's forty-freakin'-seven!

7. Not afraid to take risks.

8. Is Temple worthy and has a strong testimony of the gospel.

9. Plays flag football even though he's the oldest guy on the league.

10. Always positive!

11. Loves the Lord.

From Megan: (age 19)

12. Because I'm his "baby girl."

13. He cries whenever I go to college.

14. "I love you because YOUR annoying!"

15. Because your a blondee -- and you're on MY team!

16. You are a good example and regularly attend the temple.

17. You diligently serve the Lord in all your callings.

18. Takes us to do Baptisms For The Dead.

19. Picks out cute clothes for me!

20. Strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

From Brandon: (age 15)

21. Takes me to seminary every day!

22. Attend Priesthood sessions together.

23. Let's me be the unofficial assistant assistant flag football coach.

24. Lets us beat up on him when we wrestle.

25. Taught me to LOVE white water rafting!

26. Teaches me how to work.

27. Let's me know it's best if Mom teaches me to drive.

28. He admits that I have un-humanly strength (without working out!)

29. Has pushed and pulled me through Scouting.

From Jason: (age 12)

30. Taught me to be a blonde-headed, bird-shooting, gun-loving red-neck.

31. Takes me to the gym and helped develop my guns.

32. Supports me in football and coaches my flag team.

33. Gave me my EGO.

34. Plays racquetball with me (even though I can be a pain sometimes).

35. Let's me win when we wrestle.

36. Let's me drink out of his soda cup.

37. Showed me what a good, proper wedgy is (we're talking first hand knowledge here!)


From Madison: (age 10)

39. Because he calls me "Daddy's Little Princess!"

40. Drives me to places.

41. He's funny.

42. Plays Rummikub and "Golf" with me.

43. Gives THE BEST hugs!

44. Provides for our family.

45. Always makes me feel special.

46. FINALLY convinced Mom to let us have a dog (TEX).

47. He protects me!

Happy Birthday !!!

We Love You!!


Your family


Wendy said...

That's SO sweet! Eric is the best Uncle! Happy Birthday!!!!

Dallessandro Family said...

Wow- such kind words for such a great guy! Happy Birthday to you!!!

Ruth Ann said...

What a great tribute to a great guy ... love you Eric!!