Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The John W. Moore Reunion Photo

Wow! What a group! 56 out of the 72 family members were in attendance . We sure missed those who were unable to attend.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moore Family Reunion July 29 - Aug 1

Our trailer made it up to Utah!!!

Our "Trick or Treat" activity -- we used foil and tape to create memorable costumes:

And some got to play golf! Jason loved playing with the "Big Boys".

Water games were a great way to cool off!

Great Grandma with the Crook's. And the Harrison's.

And with Ruth Ann, Amy and Seth . . . and Diane.

Wendy with Seth and Grandpa Harrison! Kids played pin the nose on . . . Uncle Eric??

Great Grandma with Rebekah! And with her #1 Son, Don .

Diane & Carol were keepers of the store. The kids loved earning their store tokens and cashing them in for fun treats and goodies.

Great Grandma Moore with Brenna & Abby. Our future Missionaries!!

Don and Eric just hanging out . . . and Dan scoring major points with his wife Candace.

Additional Family Visits While In Utah - Sunday, July

Quick stop to see the Jordan River Temple since we were in the neighborhood . . . .

Enjoyed a delicious dinner with Eric's cousin Kenneth, his wife Joni and two kids Carlie and Kelsie.

Enjoyed a quick visit with Aunt Lorna in Alpine. (She's actually Eric's Great Aunt!!)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ryan Marries Alisa Christensen!! Aug. 28th, 2007

Wedding Luncheon . . . .

Uncle Eric made new friends . . .

BOGO Sale at Payless ??

Amy, Megan & Donna went to go get the Newlyweds some leftovers -- we "borrowed" a church office building cone to "reserve" our good parking spot.