Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!

We had 27 here for dinner. We set up three tables in the front room and had a group in the kitchen who was under 16. (Does that sound better than the kid table?)
It all starts with a bird . . . (a very tasty one too!)
The buffet is open. The kids got in line first and took all the carged meat! Good thing there was another roasted breast of turkey in the roaster.

After dinner . . . and where is Della, Mary Alice, Carolyn & Donna?
In the kitchen dealing with the leftovers and dishes!
Meet Isis, Darren's girlfriend. She is darling (and brave for facing a group of 27 Moore's!)
The Gallaugher's (and Isis). Kevin can't shave until the National Soccer Playoff tournament in Florida - it's a tradition.
The Grosdidier's - and Larry's brother Ken and his son Forrest (who is getting out the door with another piece of pie!) Good for him!!!
Mom and her girls.
Us - The Schauers.
(Aunt Elfriede got out the door without a picture. We sure enjoyed her joining us).
The Kellers - Kelsey made it out for dessert and we saved her a plate. There was tons of food!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

College Roommates - A Special Bond

Brenda Torsak, Sharon Kellilliki and I got together this week for a very sad occassion. Brenda's Dad passed away and Sharon came down from Utah for the funeral. The three of us haven't been together since college. Sharon lost her father just two weeks prior so now the three of us continue to live the legacy our extremely wise and insightful fathers have left us with. I know we all think we are our Daddy's little girl even to this day. Our Dads were the kind of Dad who made us all feel that way.

Not the best picture by far of us back at Ricks College (not BYU Idaho). We are out front of our Normandy Apartments (which I beleive are still standing!) Brenda lives in Ramona and we have gone camping together as families. We all try to keep in touch with annual Christmas cards at the very least! As Megan gets ready to leave for college next year, I hope she meets some amazing friends and has great roommates like I did.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Santa Came Early!

We are now the proud owner of this food storage orgnizer! It retails for over $400 and we got it used for $50. (It front loads so you can keep your food in expiration order.) I received an email from a friend in our ward asking if I'd help out a friend by letting people know it was for sale. I told him sure . . . . as soon as I checked it out for myself. It has hardly been used and the people selling it were downsizing into a mobile so no garage space. (I'm sure my friend in our ward had no idea what a deal this was otherwise would have taken advantage himself!!) Eric went with me to check it out, we loaded it up and was sweet to help me figure out how to customize it for our cans. (A very tedious process for sure!!) We then had to make room in the garage. Ideally this would go in a basement but for now this is the best we can do. (Once again, no camera so this picture is taken from the internet). What a deal . . . . what a blessing!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We're Sign Waving!!! YES on 8!!!!

If you would have told me 20 years ago that we would be defending marraige between a man and a woman I wouldn't have believed you. This whole experience has been UNBELIEVABLE! We have been heavily involved doing our part to protect marriage. I'm NOT a political person and seeing how the oposition has behaved during this campaign only reaffirms how much I dislike politics. But there comes a time when you have to take a stand to protect yourselves from having your rights taken away from you.
Every political commerical the opposition has come out with has been distorted and twisted with disception and lies. (Sound famaliar??) Our signs have been destroyed, graffied, stolen, we have been cursed at, objects thrown at us and we've been called intollerant and bigots. UNBELIEVABLE! Who's not being tolerant here?
Statistics have shown that grass-roots efforts previal! Being involved with our Stake Point Person has shown me every step of the effort. It's been overwhelmingly amazing! I'd love to know how many thousands of hours have been spent on protecting marriage. A battle worth fighting for!! Never before has the scriptures spoken more clearly to us about our times. How blessed we are to have a modern day prophet to lead and direct us. We have done our best to fight this battle and we hope it is a victory. Every vote counts and we need every YES vote out there!

Arrow of Light

Jason earned his Arrow of Light! Our Stake did a special ceremony that includes his crossing the bridge into Boy Scouts. Each family decorates their own plaque and Jason got a ton of compliments on his. So now we are just waiting for "Mom" to graduate from Cub Scouts as Webelo leader!! We're proud of you Jason!!! Next step . . . Eagle! Okay . . . so there's a few more steps in between!

Wicked! - What A Great Family Outing!!

For Jason's birthday, he actually missed football practice and we took the family to see Wicked. It is leaving in January so we'd figure we'd better not wait too much longer. What's crazy is that we left for Hollywood without any tickets! We tried to win the front row lottery (and of course we didn't!) and were hoping on discounted seats in the house. Luckily there were and we got $65 Orchestra seats for $45. We saved about $180 is theater fees, ticketmaster fees and discounts by taking this risk!

EVERYONE in the family enjoyed the play!! "I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER" and this family memory has been quite "POPULAR" that is sure to "DEFY GRAVITY" and will last forever!!!!