Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 8 - Family Photos & Heading for Home

Wow! What a week!! It took a lot to blog it all but felt it important since we did so many things, had an amazing time and were able to see family and extended family on both sides of the family tree.

We were debating on whether we should head for home on Sunday or MOnday concenred with Vegas traffic and all. Eric felt like we needed to get back so we thought it we left Springville at 1pm that we would hopefully miss the bulk of the traffic between Vegas and Barstow and get home around 10pm. Well, close, we got home at 11pm. We did hit traffic in spots --- and was grateful it didn't last too long. We figure an hour total in delays.

We were exhausted -- especially Eric as he drove! We sure enjoyed ourselves and appreciate the hospitality we received from our Springville families. My sister Diane lives 200 steps from Ruth Ann so it was so fun to see her and her family as well.

Eric nicknamed these two cuties Jam & Jelly. Brenna on the left is Jelly and Abby is Jam!

Madison sure enjoyed playing with the girls and hanging out at the Crook's house. Here's my neice Debra along with the girls. (Thanks again for the Chex Mix Deb!!!)

Here's me and two of my 6 sisters --- Diane and Ruth Ann.

The Leishman's have been on the go and have lots of changes in store for them. They are leaving Tuesday for a much needed two week vacation in Hawaii. We look forward to them living in Las Vegas soon!

Here's my nephew David with Jen.
Well, that's about it for our Utah Blog. Here we are all ready to head back for Murrieta. Thanks for letting us stay with you Harrison's. We love you guys as we do all our Utah family!


Sandie said...

Great job getting all that in so pictures are still waiting on my computer from 3 months ago... some day..hum!

Miss you guys - it was great to see you for more then an hour.

Dallessandro Family said...

Claire says," I want to see Uncle Knucklehead!"

Anonymous said...

I have a blog now!

Ruth Ann said...

Great pictures ... it was a fun week - we miss you guys!!