Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 5 - Golf, BYU Football Tour, Bridal Viel Falls, Cabella's & Dinner with the Maughan's

At golf, (yes, this is his fourth round for the week), Eric met a young man named Cort who is from Temecula. Turns out he works for BYU Football in their logistics department while attending BYU. He played the back 9 with them and took a liking to Jason. He invited us to take a tour of the BYU Football Athletics Facility - a rare opporunity. We saw all kinds of BYU football memorbilia, coaches offices, team rooms, work out facility, taping areas, locker room, etc. Jason and Eric were in heaven -- and the girls seemed to enjoy it too!
Below is a special granite rock that certain team members get to chisel on whenever they do something great on or off the field that Coach Mendenhall set up. Pretty cool!

Eric and Jason standing close to the Charger Helmet - these helmets have plaques below them that show where the BYU players have moved onto in the pro ball level.

BRIDAL VIEL FALLS - After the tour, we headed up Provo Canyon to see Bridal Veil Falls which normally aren't this big this time of year. It was over 100 degrees but we enjoyed walking up to see the falls along the Provo River. After today --- Eric is thinking more and more what a great place Utah is to live (play). He wished he brought his kayak.


Sandie said...

I love the canyon... You need to tell Eric that he could have floated down the river without a Kayak...I guess they do it all the time, we want to try it soon.

Ruth Ann said...

Wow - that's a lot of bloggin ... good job Donna!!