Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah Trip Day 2 - EFY & Seven Peaks

Eric got up early and played golf at Hobble Creek which is just up the canyon from the Harrison's house. I got to take Brandon and Caden to EFY which by the way -- is about a two hour process. Caden discovered he had forgotten to pack shirts, so we quickly washed the only one he brought, new he would be getting an EFY shirt to wear and ran to Kohls to grab him another. His Dad would be coming up on Wednesday for business and would bring him more. Thankfully, Ruth Ann came along as she was needing to drop off a girl who had stayed the night with them at Diving Camp which turned out to be at the same area for check in.

EFY check in didn't start until 11am and we arrived early at 10:30am to be in line just in time to still be under a shade awning. We were grateful! They were taking everyone's temperatures to make sure everyone was healthy as they didn't want to have swine flu issues. Once 11AM came around, we were all processed and headed to drop off Emily at her dorm in Heleman Halls. Brandon and Caden were up at Heritage Halls. We were feeling sorry for the kids who flew in or were just dropped off as they were hauling their luggage 4-6 blocks depending on their housing assignments. Once at heritage, we had to find where they were issuing keys and left the boys to get settled.

On the way home we stopped and bought discount tickets for Seven Peaks Water park and Eric took the kids for the afternoon. Dennis took along Jodi's kids as they were staying with them and the kids had a blast! Ruth Ann and I relaxed and visiting for the afternoon.

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Babette said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I enjoyed reading about your week and seeing the pictures! I wish we could of been there!