Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 6 - Jordan River Temple Endowment & Wedding Dinner at the Joseph Smith Building

Today, Eric and I had to be out the door by 7:30 am to make it up to the Jordan River Temple for a 9:20 session. We were concerned with traffic and being a Friday and thanks to a lot of 10/80 schedules it wasn't bad. We made it in plenty of time and enjoyed being in the endowment session for Carlie (Eric's cousin Kenneth's daughter) endowment. Eric and I were asked to be the witness couple.

After the session, Eric ended up going over to spend some time with Kenneth and I drove back to Springville as Megan had a hair appointment. Eric was later dropped off and together we drove up to SLC for the wedding dinner at the Joseph Smith Building. We arrived at 6pm only to find NO parking at the JSB and turns out there was a huge performance in the conference center by the Choir so temple square was a mad house. No parking at the conference center because of this event which forced us to be about 4 blocks west of the JSB. We had to walk forever -- as Utah blocks are huge and it was over 100 outside. By the time we got there it was 6:45ish and there were a few others who had the same issues. We were not happy campers but we did start to feel better in the air conditioned room, with food in our stomachs and then got to visit with family members. Yeah!!!

We left about the same time the concert got out so we got to fight more traffic. We originally thought we'd come up to Temple Square on Sunday to see the Spoken Word performance in the Conference Center. But after seeing all the construction on temple square and all the parking issues, we opted not for this trip.


Dallessandro Family said...

what a quick blogger you are, it was great seeing you guys a few times last week!

Sandie said...

Downtown is crazy, especially if there is anything going on at the conference center. The trick is to park at the Little America Hotel and jump on the Trax... Free parking and Free train ride - only 1/2 block from JSMB (next time).