Friday, September 21, 2007

A Wicked Day for Megan!

Thursday, Sept. 20th was minimum days for Megan & Emily so we took them to see Wicked in Hollywood. It was an amazing clear day for LA.

So fun! Such a good production!! Now we want to come again and bring the rest of the family. (Yes, that would make three times for me!) Maybe Santa will be bring them in our stockings!!


The Leishmans... said...

Does the production get better each time you see it? I absolutely loved it. I was a little tired during the first half of the show (jet lag) so I would love to see it again.
Too fun!

JMDFamily said...

What a fun day. I need to look and see how long it is playing in LA... I want to see it

Wendy said...

I am jealous, I want to see it! What a fun day!

Sandie said...

No fair - I want to see it SOOOOOOO bad... it's not coming to Utah until 2009!!! :-( I think I need to run away to CA for a quick trip...hum??