Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July - Stadium of Fire

We got to attend the Leishman's 4th of July BBQ although I literally was there for 20 minutes and then it was time to head to the stadium. Diane took Deb & I and dropped off my car in a good area to boogie out afterwards as to not be in horrible traffic. Then she dropped us off near the stadium and we met the Connors' who had gotten there early and reserved us seat backs as we were in the bleachers. (Thanks Marleen!) Wendy and Sandie dropped off an hour later Madison, Jason, Abby, Brenna, Janna & Jason. It worked out great to not have the kids there so long before. Sandie then went and checked Megan out of EFY (early) which saved us coming back and getting her at 6:30 a.m. Megan then got to enjoy being with the family at the Leishman's. Thanks to all the drivers who made it all work out!

This photo is taken from our seats looking toward where Debra's seats were. She is standing near the edge of the end zone with her orange seat backs. I nearly drained my cell battery as we kept calling back and forth coordinating getting our kids in the stadium.
Debra, can you see me now?? It didn't take long for the stadium to fill up -- a sold out crowd not to mention the thousands of people hanging out around the stadium. Our friends, Brian & Marleen Connors. They went to the Freedom Fair earlier in the day and I told Marleen about the neck coolers -- so we both now have them -- best $3 spent ever! Their two girls Darby & Courtney joined us as well. Jason hanging out with Darby.
The 6 parachuters and Fighter Jets added great dramatics to the show. Hey -- what's up with this? Since we were in the end-zone that automatically makes us part of the patriotic presentation. We kept saying . . . "I bet this looks cool . . . too bad we are missing it." Can you say claustrophobic??
Loved the field show more than anything else! We are so proud to be Americans!! and blessed. (Note the Red, White & Blue tarps are now being passed below us). Having so many performers on the field made it hard to fight back the tears. Awesome!!
Madison & Courtney show off their light displays.
They had special glasses that made everything look like a prism. Something fun to do while Miley sang her newest "unknown" songs.

We avoided the crowds by leaving when the fireworks started. I know we would have enjoyed them more from our seats but driving away in our car as they ended felt really good! We did stop to catch a few Kodak Moments as we passed the thousands of on-lookers outside the stadium. We now know what a Stadium of Fire experience is all about!! Too Fun!


debra said...

Awww- I love the different points of view, but I am not the least bit envious of the red tarp you were under. It looked super cool from our seats though!

We're so glad we got to experience this with you guys!

JMDFamily said...

Yeah it was alot of fun, but that red tarp pictures makes me a little scared. They should have warned you guys first.

Dave & Amy said...

I love Stadium of Fire! I'm so glad you were able to go and experience it! But the red tarp might have freaked me out a bit.

Wendy said...

I'm SO glad you were able to go to Stadium of Fire, it's an amazing experience!

The Leishmans... said...

I'm glad you were able to come and experience our 4th of July celebrations. There's nothing like the 4th in Provo. Next time you need to do the Freedom Run and the parade.

Ruth Ann said...

I hadn't heard about the 'red tarp' -- WOW - it would of freaked me out for sure ... (no covers over this chicks head --- SCREAM!!!) Glad you enjoyed it .. we loved getting to have you here!! Love ya!!

Orem Harrisons said...

Looks like fun, every time I see those jets it is so cool and the flag, I even get emotional during the fireworks at Disneyland even though they aren't playing patriotic music because they remind me of of the 4th of July and America andeverything it stands for, I am such a crying sap, I know! Stadium of fire rocks, I am SO GLAD Jason decided to go, SO MCUH MORE than a girl show, right? Way better :)