Thursday, December 27, 2007

13,000 Feet - - - Free Falling!!!

I feel much better about this now that I know he has professionals at his side.
What a cool shot!
Do you even recognize this guy?
Getting ready to pull the shoot.
I did it!! And now I want to do it again!!!


Canyon Glen Harrison's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC - Looks like the dare devil has found a new hobby??? Looks like a BLAST! Maybe if David and i ever get on The Amazing Race i can get David to jump out of a plane with me, LOL!

debra said...

AAAAHHHHH!!! I think he's officially crazy and you now have documented proof! WOW- I'm glad I don't and haven't ever had the desire to do that- I'll just let Eric tell me stories about it!


Dave & Amy said...

I hope you get a video clip online! :) I think Eric must be crazy.

Ruth Ann said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!! Leave it to you to come up with something BIG to do for your special day. It would NOT be my thing -- but I can definitely picture you doing it -- and now we have the photos to prove it. Way to go!!

Wendy said...

Amazing pictures! I could never do that! But it looks like you had a lot of fun!

The Leishmans... said...

Happy Birthday Eric!

Not the way I would want to spend my 45th birthday - but glad you enjoyed it!! It seems so insane.

Cool pictures.