Saturday, June 19, 2010

Melissa's Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

I helped give Melissa's shower with Becky Smith. It was a lemon theme and we played a cute "left-right" game that I wrote and everyone received "lemon" type of gifts to take home. It was a beautiful shower!

This is the invitation we did. It turned out so cute . . . (of course I needed help from my niece Amy as I'm not that good yet in Photoshop!) I love getting them printed out at Costco/Sams!

She got so many nice things --- so fun to help these young girls set up their new homes!


Babette said...

You are always doing something fun and creative Donna! Miss you guys

Amy said...

Wow! You gals know how to throw a party! :) It looks beautiful!

Ruth Ann said...

Great pictures ... and an amazing party!! Who could top that???