Sunday, April 25, 2010


In July 0f last year, Eric was layed off from Dal-Tile after being an outside sales rep for 15 years. With the struggling economy we can't say we didn't expect it -- but it is still hard to have it happen to you. After months of fasting and praying we decided to open a Self Serve Yogurt store in Corona. (There are too many were we live so we searched for the best location and found it at the 15 freeway and Hidden Valley Parkway - just one exit north/east of the 91). We signed our lease agreement in January.

We partnered with some friends of Eric's who opened a FroYoLand in Murrieta last June. They were a great help and are excited to see their dream expand to FroYoLand2 - or Froyland - Corona.

We hung up our COMING SOON banner to let everyone know we were coming -- and to let future competitors know as well!

Before us, the building was a Curves so we had some wild graphics to look at on the walls during our construction. Eric handled everything and took all the issues in stride as he worked and worked.

It was fun to occasionally go in and see the progress. He took pictures constantly and brought them home for the family to see which we forwarded to Megan in Arizona.


Dallessandro Family said...

wow what a transformation- can't wait to see it in person!

Joni said...

Good luck with the new company! I have a hard time reading your news, though, because the background is so dark. Maybe you should print a lighter color so we can read it. Love the photos though! What a cute blog!!!