Friday, January 29, 2010

Colonial Day!!!

Cole Canyon celebrates Colonial Day every year. It's a big deal for all the 5th graders. The kids all dress up in period clothing and spend the day doing activites like candle dipping, quilting, dancing, (remember the Virginia Wheel??), soap making, etiquette, and many more activities. My sweet friend Amy, made Madison her dress -- she LOVED IT!!

Upper left photo -- Madison's friends: Annie, Carlie and Bailey!

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JJ Jillibear said...

Hey Schauers Family!!! It's Jillian Reed!!! Colonial Day was SO fun, I just HATE how all the guys spun me around at the Virginia Wheel!!! Grrr!!! I FELL!!!!!!! It was so fun!!! Great Blog!!! Love it!!!! Bye, C ya on Sunday Maddie!!!
JJ Jillibear ~lalala