Friday, June 12, 2009

Graduation Day for Megan!!!

Megan has been counting down the days til today! Finally . . . a graduate from Murrieta High School! We had lots of family in town (because of my brother's burial) which was very special to have so many loved ones together! It will be a day we will never forget!!!
Here's her offical Cap and Gown picture!

Mom looks a little tired, but still very proud of her graduate!

Megan had over 730 in her graduation class. The ceremony lasted about two hours. Our friends the Laker's were kind enough to save us seats on the field so we had actual chairs to sit in! (THANK YOU PAM & PAUL!) Daddy and his little girl! ("Quick . . . take a picture and let's get out of here!!")
Megan picking up and signing for her offical diploma.

When we got home, we were treated with an amazing Taco feast that my friend Julie Dransfield coordinated with other friends (Pam, Marleen, Janet, Debbie, Jackie, Gina, & Kimbur). What would I do without amazing friends who have helped carried me these past couple days. Every meal on Friday and Saturday was provided by wards or friends. Amazing!! This meal gave me the energy boost I sorely needed to go onto Phase 3 of the day --- Meg's graduation party!

With 18 extended family and friends gathered around, Megan was asked by each of them a question about her life . . . which she answered. There were certain questions that had a present linked to it for her to open. After the questions, we would ring a bell and she then got to open the gift that was related to the question. The gift questions were:

  1. What is your summertime job? Scanning pictures . . . and she opened a graduation picture frame.
  2. What were you born without? Hair! and she opened a new blowdryer . . . (her's died months ago and we've been sharing!)
  3. Where were you born? Wildomar - Inland Hospital. She then opened a sapphire birthstone ring.
  4. How many times have your flown in an airplane? She answered 3. Then she opened up her lugguage. She had to open up each piece and in the third piece a helium ballon popped up tied to a sign that said . . . "One more time! Pack your bags . . . you're going to Utah with the Crook's and flying home!"

Megan was so surprised because she thought she was spending the next week babysitting the kids while I was at Girls Camp and then in Las Vegas. Instead, she gets to leave on Sunday and get out of town and spend some time with her Utah family.

This picture is hilarious! It toally dipicts her reaction. Keep in mind, Megan doesn't show very much emotion or excitement -- so this was precious! She was speechless and so excited! We totally surprised her!!! (Which believe me . . .is hard to do!)
Her official sign!

Cousin Debra says, "Yes, Meg . . . it's true . . . you get to come play with me in Utah!!"
(Thanks Crooks for letting her come get away!)
Well, the fun didn't end there! Once she caught her breath, I told everyone we weren't done yet and we needed to load up in cars and go for a little drive. We headed up to La Cresta to our friends, the Morgan's home to view a surprise 17 minute DVD of Megan's life in their home theater. It was amazing!
It had 9 different songs to keep it moving:
  1. Sweet Child of Mine
  2. Life Is A Highway
  3. Sweet Thing
  4. All I Wanna Do
  5. She's A Beauty
  6. You're Gonna Miss This
  7. Stay Beautiful
  8. My Wish
  9. This Is My Time To Shine
Happy Graduation Megan!
We love you and are excited for you to enter the next stage of your life . . . . College at Eastern Arizona in Thatcher (only 7 hours away). School starts August 24th!!


Jory and Chani said...

Donna, you are so creative (I'm assuming you thought up the gift giving). Sometimes I wish I lived with you! Haha. I love you guys!

Dave and Amy said...

Congrats Megan!!! On to bigger and better adventures... COLLEGE!! :)

debra said...

Congrats again Miss Megan! We LOVED having you here with us... and loved being in CA with you on your big day! If Eastern Arizona doesn't work out... Utah has a couple good options for schools, and we'd take good care of you! ;)

Diane said...

What an amazingly darling new look for your blogg!!! Love it!!!
Does the creator take orders for a fee???