Friday, June 12, 2009

Don's Graveside Service - Wildomar, CA

We had Don's burial at the Wildomar Cemetery where my Dad, and his son Aaron is buried. We used their pavillion for the graveside service. We were able to not involve a mortuary out here as Don's casket was delivered direct to the cemetery Friday before the graveside and the grave was closed before the services began at 11am.
Only a few chairs were set up but we are able to sit all around on the block wall that surrounds the pavillion. We counted over 60 in attendance. Dennis conducted, Kim re-read the eulogy, Della sang and then a few stood up for comments about Don inculding Don's boss for NUMEROUS years, Diane and Mom. It was wonderful. We ended this portion by singing Families Can Be Together Forever before going over to Dedicate the grave (which Dennis did).
Mom is consoling Allen "Daddy" Ahlman as his wife Slyvia isn't expected to live much longer. (In fact she passed away three days later). The Ahlman's have been long time family friends -- hense the nickname "Daddy Alhman" which Don, Ruth Ann, Diane, Della and Mary Alice often referred to him as.
Kiley and Tabitha (two on Don's seven grandchildren) get flowers from Papa's grave.
Mom is pictured here with her good friends, Doris Proffitt and Margarit Kuhn-Merrifield. "Aunt" Margarit has been a dear family friend for over 50 years.
Don's family - on the left, his wife Carol, daughter Kim with husband Chris (their four children are in Alaska and unable to make it down for the service), daughter Kristy and husband Travis with their two children Kiley and Tabitha, and Patrick. (Pat's wife Cassandra and son Mathew were unable to attend).
Once again, a family photo in front of the Cemetery Olive Tree. We are so appreciate to all the family who was able to attend. It sure makes it easier to say goodbye when loved ones are gathered together to lean on.
Mom and her girls. Back row left to right: Ruth Ann, Diane, Mom, Donna, Carolyn. Bottom row: Della and Mary Alice.
Mom with the Grosdidiers: Larry, Mary Alice, Mom, Jonathon and Shelby.
The is a closeup of Don's retirement plaque (without the mounted plane below) that Don was able to see and appreciate just in time before he had to leave us. This plaque was sent all over the world to get over 86 signatures from co-workers. What a wonderful momento for 40+ years of service at Flying Tigers/Fed Ex. He sure loved his job!
His two sided plane -- A 747. This side shows his 20 years with FedEx.
The other shows his 20 years with Flying Tigers. Don was an Engineer in the Maintenance Department and worked the last several years in Singapore commuting home. Carol will enjoy using his miles for a trip up to Alaska to see Kim's family.
With so much family in town we received lots of help from our ward families to feed everyone. A special thanks to:
Friday Breakfast - Della made waffles and my ward, Murrieta Hills, brought in juices, milk, fresh fruit, bagels and pull apart bread for 30 along with some yummy sugar cookies.
Friday Lunch - my Mom's ward, Wildomar, brought us fried chicken, salads and desserts for 50. We decided to have the luncheon at my house since we were expecting about 30 -- but when 60 showed up for the burial we were a little concerned. It all worked out and we felt people lingered around more and visited in our home as opposed to be at the church.
Friday Dinner - Graduation night for Megan! My friend Julie Dransfield saved the day by coordinating with more friends to bring us a Taco Feast! It was amazing! Thanks to Julie, Marleen, Janet, Pam, Debbie, Jackie, Kimbur, and Gina! We fed about 25 and I think they brough twice that much. So wonderful to have friends that know how to step in and make a difference. I love you guys!
Saturday Breakfast - Yogurt, Granola, fresh fruit, egg casserole, juices, and potatoes. My friends Becky Smith and Diane Erickson stepped to the plate and took care of us again. We went off our family travelling back to Prescott with full stomachs!
Harrison's stuck around until Monday morning and they helped us eat leftovers. It was an amazing time to be together as family and because of the help of so many . . . we were able to spend quality time together as we were spoiled with so many meals. We weren't exhausted from cooking that's for sure.
My heart is full of love and true examples of Christ-like service. My siblings were all impressed with all that you did. I need to strive to service others just as well as you served me.
Thanks for being amazing women!!! I love you!!!


Dave and Amy said...

Great pictures. I'm glad everything went so well. Wish we could have been there with everyone.

debra said...

Everything went SO well and you again amazed me with all you're capable of doing! Whatever the "Moore" girls do- they do it WELL! And you do have fabulous friends who went above and beyond with the food and help. We're SO glad we were able to be there with you guys- thanks for having us!

Ruth Ann said...

I know I am very VERY slow at reading and catching up ... but you did a great job of documenting the events ... and a great job of planning things for us all. Thanks so much for all you did and for your generous and helpful friends!!