Thursday, June 11, 2009

Funeral Services for Donald M. Moore - Prescott, AZ

My eldest brother Don, passed away on Friday, June 5th. He was 62 years old (he was 16 years older than me). He was diagnosed with ALS otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease 18 months ago. He rapidily started deteriorating the end of May and asked that his son, Patrick who lives in Lancaster area and his daughter Kim who lives in Alaska join their daughter Kristy in Prescott. His continued to get worse and knew his time was short. He was able to say all the things he wanted and needed to before he left us. What a tender mercy!

My sister, Della, my Mom and I were able to do a last minute trip on May 30th-31st and was able to spend some quality time with him. He died just 5 days later. I will never forget the time we got to be at his hospital bedside - his Bishopric came to visit on Sunday just before we left to come back home. They offered to give him the sacrament which we were priviledged to be apart of. One of the most spiritual experiences of my life! What a gift!!!
A family picture taken during the younger years. Don, Carol, Kim, Aaron, Patrick and Kristy. It was great being able to reconnect with my neices and nephews through all this. They are very strong and amazing kids that I know Don is proud of!
Don retired from FedEx after 40 years of service. He retired March 1st and this retirement plaque was sent all over the world to get signatures from those he worked with. The plane is especially painted - half Flying Tigers and half FedEx. He worked for Flying Tigers from 20 years before FedEx took over. It arrived just in time for Don to see and enjoy it.
Carol's ward put on a wonderful luncheon full of comfort food (ham, funeral potaotes, green beans yum!!!) We all apprecatied it before we jumped in our cars and headed 6 hours home to California for the burial the next day.
Pictured here are Wayne, Yolanda, Patrick, Kristy, Travis, Donna
(Travis's Mom) and her husband.
Mom, Della, Carolyn, Me came with Eric and we also brought out Patrick who drove to Wildomar from Lancaster area. It was great being able to spend 6 hours in the car with Patrick and get to know our nephew better. (By the way, his mannerisms are just like his Dad's!)
Lori Roberts, Carol, Kim, Chris, a couple from Carol's ward, Sam Roberts and Mel.
(Mel lives in Prescott with his daughter Lori and husband, is married to Carol's sister, Laura who passed away in February.)
I made a DVD of Don's life to be shown in a room next to the viewing. It is 10 minutes long only to be added too for a family keepsake. We also plan to show it out in California for the family that gathers for the graveside.
Don's casket was beautiful! It seemed to change colors depending on the light of the room it was in. It said GOING HOME on the inside of the lid and below you will see the birds soaring that was engraved all around the casket. Flying Home . . . just the way Don would want it.
The pall barers are getting Don ready for his journey to Calfornia where he
will be laid to rest at the Wildomar Cemetery.


Dave and Amy said...

That retirement plaque is amazing! I'm so glad that Don was able to see it and enjoy it. What a beautiful gift.

debra said...

Thanks for documenting this part of the funeral... looks like everything was so beautiful in Arizona!

(P.S. I want to see the pic of Uncle Don's mode of transportation!)

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