Sunday, April 5, 2009

Camping & Conference

We went up to the Morgan's property in La Cresta for Conference weekend camping out Friday, Saturday, Sunday and came home to our 15 minute drive on Monday. With water, electricity for hook-ups and a dumping station we were quite comfortable let alone all the ammenities they had for us to enjoy! Our trailer is on the far left, then the Morgan's, Vanden Brinks, and the Lucas. We enjoyed out little camping group and hope we can do it again before it gets too hot!
This beautiful patio has two refrigerators and a BBQ. We ended up setting up more tables and chairs to feed the group which ranged from 20-26.
Nicest campground facilities I've ever used!

Their pond provided tons of fishing for the kids. The sound of bullfrogs lulled us to sleep each night. The view of the valley below was breathtaking as well as the city lights at night.

The kids fished for hours on end and Eric was kept busy with a few tangled lines and needed to sometime help get a fish off the hook.
Megan, Dianna Morgan and Kathleen Vanden Brink enjoying such amazing weather!

We hiked up the hill to the Morgan's house to watch conference. This is a view off their courtyard. These next two pictures I stole from Dianna's website as I didn't take one from the front. The house is built upshaped with a courtyard in the middle that showcases their breathtaking view.

They have a home theater that seats 21. The little kids enjoyed playing Conference Bingo. We enjoyed all the talks . . . and the music. Elder Holland's talk was my personal favorite along with the Prophet's. Can't wait to read my Ensign!

Brandon and Caden hanging out on the jump rock.
Here we are hiking up to the main house -- it was great exercise to offset all the food we ate.
Jason said he caught over 30 fish -- I think we need to pull up the Fishing Merit Badge requirements.
Ryan and Madison fishing from the bridge.

THANK YOU Morgan's for sharing your piece of heaven with us! You spoiled us with such wonderful accommodations. Let us know next time you want company --- and we'll be there!


Dave and Amy said...

Now that's what I call camping! Jodi might even do that. ;) (hehehe)
Glad everyone had a fabulous time!

Morgan Family Times said...

You are welcome at ANY time! It was great to have the company.