Friday, April 17, 2009

Zion's Trek April 17-19th, 2009

Our Stake does Zion's Trek every four years. This is Eric's third time, I have done it twice, with Megan joining us the last time. This year, Brandon was able to go and Megan could have gone again, but we decided to head to Arizona for the Daley wedding.

Brandon and a group of his friends gathering into families at the Stake Center getting ready to head west!

These pictures give you an idea of how steep some of the trails were. These pictures came from our Stake photographer, he got a video clip of Brandon's family getting their handcart up this hill. He's supposed to send it to me so I can blog it.

Eric was asked to be on patrol on a horse. There were many in the Stake surprised he knew how to ride. He's on the 2nd horse back, his horse's name was Tuff and he's 16 1/2 hands tall. Eric said he was amazing!
The put the families into companies and they travelled together. There were 6 companies total and Eric rode between them to make sure everyone was doing all right.

The even formed the Mormon Battalion and the YM left the girls to push the wagons on their own . Luckily the PAs got to stay behind and help push.

Brandon LOVED the experience and his testimony was strengthened of what our ancestors had to sacrifice. He loved how everyone within the companies came to each other's aid to get their handcars the big hills.
Here is a close up of Tuff and Eric with chaps.
This is Brandon's family -- you can see him on the back left in the red shirt.


Sandie said...

That is a totally cool experience! I wish I could have done one. Maybe I'll get to do it as a leader some day (on the back of a horse would be great..hehe)

Dave and Amy said...

What a neat experience! (hard, I'm sure... but fun!) Love the pics! Can't wait for a video clip.

Have you been experimenting with Photoshop? Love your new blog header! ;)