Sunday, March 22, 2009

Madison Turns 10!

Madison getting ready to open up her family gifts.

Brandon surprised Madison with a birthday banner hanging in her doorway so he would be the 1st to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Jason made Madison a powerpoint presentation on why he loves his sister for her Birthday present.
Madison fell in love with this giant chick at Sams Club -- so it was at the top of her list. It has become her favorite TV pillow.

Madison had a friend party on the 28th. Here are all her girlfriends, they had just finishted tracing themselves and coloring them in on our driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Look at this adorable banner Megan made! It ended up being 12' so we had to find a special place to hang it.
The table is all set and ready for our "unusual" dinner.

The girls loved making a mess with their food and odd utinsils.

Madison lucked out with getting bear claw salad tongs.

The girls all decorated their own cupcakes and then helped to make Madison's big Double Digit 10!

Madison's friend Karly gave her a pool themed gift that was turned into a cute flower.
The girls also played a balloon stomp game, went on a treasure hunt to find their treat bags and guessed how many candies were in special jars. Prizes were given to the closest and the farthest.
Madison loved her birthday week!


Jory and Chani said...

Looks like fun! You're so creative Donna! And your kids are all so nice to each other. I wish my siblings did things like that for me!

Kimberly said...

I loved the birthday presents from the boys. I don't think mine would ever think to do that for their sister. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Babette said...

Happy Birthday to Madison! Looks like she had a fun day with all the cute games.

Dave and Amy said...

What a fun party!! Happy birthday Madison!