Monday, September 15, 2008

Jason's a Bronco!

Football season is offically here! We're a Charger Family, huge BYU Cougar fans, our high school mascot is Nighthawks, yet Jason is a Bronco with Jr. All American Football (very similiar to Pop Warner).

His colors are blue and gold which are the colors of our High School Rival, Vista. There are about 6 boys on their team who wear their team jerseys to school on Fridays. They get some odd looks as you would expect Nighthawk colors which are Red & Black. Of course these boys say they are switching High Schools.

He is on a team with two of his friends from church, Tanner and Justin and they are having a blast! Jason plays center and defensive tackle. He got the game MVP medal on Saturday which was very exciting! Justin plays 2nd string QB and Receiver and Tanner plays Defensive Tackle. His coach says if these three boys keep playing they will no doubt be playing varsity early on in High School. All three boys show a lot of heart and ability.

Megan took these pictures for a scrapbook assignment she had. I'll get some game photos blogged later on. (My good camera died so I'm using an old one with poor resolution until I can get it replaced).

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Dave and Amy said...

Jason is old enough to play football? Man, I'm getting old!
Great pics Megan!

Wendy said...

I love football season!!! Congrats on the MVP medal, Jason. Enjoy your season!

The Leishmans... said...

How fun for jason. We lOVE football at our house. Tanner can't wait for the day we let him play tackle (maybe 8th grade).

It's awesome they play with heart already. Go Jason!