Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Megan Dances In High School Dance Production

This is Mean's 2nd year being in dance at the school. It was fun to watch the production this year as she danced in
5 of the numbers.

She tried to pick the most modest of the

costumes which wasn't easy. She choreographed a dance with the two girls on the far right (Chelsea Dransfield and Chelsea Arnold - both friends from church). Their dance was so good it was picked to be in the production!

Flowers from her family!!!
Looks like we'll be doing this again her Senior Year!


debra said...

That is awesome Megan! I don't think I knew you were even into dance---- you're the coolest! We love you!

And GOOD JOB trying to be as modest as possible!

Wendy said...

WOW -- that is SO impressive. I have no coordination when it comes to dance stuff so I am WAY impressed! It looks like a lot fun as well.

JMDFamily said...

Yeah Megan@ Does your mom have you dancing on video, I would love to see it sometime??? Pretty flowers!

Dave & Amy said...

Megan, you're such a doll! Looks like you had a blast! Where is the video clip??

Ruth Ann said...

Meggie - you are darling ... way to go ... learning to dance is a great thing to do (poise and grace) --- wait ... I took dance ... what happened to me???