Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brandon Turns 14!

As a family we went to BJs for dinner and their famous Pazaookies!!!
Sorry -- bad picture -- but we had a yummy chocolate fountain!
Trippy picture -- His friend Zack kept jumping in front
of the camera and we laughed about how he is "Casper" the ghost.
The kids had fun playing giant Twister!

The kids had fun hanging out in the pool and jacuzzi.

After "forking" a few houses, it's time for dessert. Two groups aren't

back yet for this photo. (Sorry!)


JMDFamily said...

That is a trippy picture, and what is the "Forking"? New way of TPing? Sounds like fun.
Happy Birthday Brandon!

JMDFamily said...

I must have passed by the first picture- BUT Pizookies are my favorite!!!!!! I'm salivating right now.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!! Looks like it was a way fun party! And I'm with Janna, what is forking -- exactly?

Dave & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! 14? Really? WOW!

Ruth Ann said...

Looks like a fun party ... Bandon can't be 14 ... I was there when he was born ... about 8 (may 9) years ago, right? HB Bud!!