Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Kevin Gallaugher Is Brilliant!"

Says the commentator of the Toro's National Division II Soccer Final game. We think he's pretty brilliant as well -- especially since he is my nephew! My sister Della, husband Richard, two of their kids Mike and Julie along with his Aunt Mickie got to go to Tampa Florida to cheer on the team this weekend. They won their semi-final game on Friday which made them eligible for the TV aired finals today (Sunday!). We TiVo'd the game and saw as much as we could before our 1pm church and then had Mary Alice, kids & Mom join us after church to recap and see the final 3-0 score! He was named MVP of the final tournament. So cool to be able to see him on TV!! Way to go Kev!!!! For more info and action photos go to:


Wendy said...

It was SO fun to watch Kevin play on TV. Debra stopped by to watch some of the game with us.

Dave and Amy said...

Congrats Kevin!!

(nice background Donna!)

Ruth Ann said...

We loved watching Kevin as well -- he is amazing!!! I agree with Donna - it was neat to hear all the 'Gallaugher' positive comments. We are all very proud of him. Way to go!! (It was fun to see the family on TV cheering!)