Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/13/08 First Day of School - "4 At 2"

This year we have four kids at two schools. Madison is in 4th grade and Jason is in 5th - both at Cole Canyon Elementery School. They walk or ride bikes to school and sometimes get picked up on the way home since we are out anyway getting Brandon.

Brandon and Megan are both at Murrieta Valley High School. Megan is a Senior and Brandon is a Freshman. They both go to early morning Seminary together and Megan has early release at 12:20 everyday, so she needs to find a job! Brandon gets picked up this year (after riding his bike for the past 5 years) at 2:40 so he is excited about not having bad hair due to a helmet!Posted by Picasa


debra said...

Whoa- how fun to have an even break in the schools! They all look so cute and so excited for this years adventures!

Tell Megan to get that job, save her money, then come see us again!

Dave and Amy said...

Wow, school starts early in CA too? I can't believe your kids are growing up so fast! Where did the time go?

I agree with Deb, Megan should come to Utah... but to live this time. ;)

Ruth Ann said...

What cute kids you have!!! They are growing up fast.

The Leishmans... said...

Your kids look so cute on the first day of school. How fun to have them all at 2 schools. I can't believe Brandon is a freshmen and Megan a Senior.

This is the only year that I have all 3 boys at one school. I love walking through the halls knowing they are all there.

Orem Harrisons said...

no Brandon is baby wqalking around with his bikink or baba what did he call it at our recption and Megan Kelsie were hanging out and Jason and Megan (Dallin & Peyton) were not twinkles in our eyes! Does the year seem to be flying by, because someone forgot to tellmother nature snowcomes in WINTER not in Sept up here! Something is wrong with the universe and it is NOT global warming! Grandma Bills would always say signs of the times :)Not sure, and Megan and Brandon would hate it if I pulled those pictures from 1995 out, BABIES in my mind! HAVE A GREAT YEAR of SCHOOL!