Monday, June 30, 2008


Each month, the Harrison & Crook women get together for a Girls Night Out (GNO). We were excited that Amy suggested having one while we were visiting!
Janna & Debra made a yummy patriotic treat -- they look like mini cupcakes and tasted incredible! Della shared some tips on Earthquake Preparedness.
Diane made a yummy Lemon Curd that she got from Carol when they visiting them last weekend in Arizona.
Ruthie & Diane dishes up the yummy dessert.
Debra shared some summer hair ideas and soon everyone was trying new dos!
Jodi gives Brenna messy pig tails with a twist.
Sisters . . . Wendy & Amy (Jodi got away before I thought of the idea)
The Crook girls - Janna, Sandie and Debra


Dave & Amy said...

You've bee BUSY blogging! We've taught you well. ;)
It was a fun GNO! I'm so glad some of the CA family was able to be here for it.

Sandie said...

See you bet all of us in blogging the weeks activities! GNO's are so much fun, even when they are full of random things.

Star Fishies!!!